July 24, 2019

Tour de HUGO – legal counseling tour

Sports fans surely know that in the French Alps, Tour de France is in full swing. HUGO will bring one important tour to Estonia too: Tour de HUGO, a legal counseling tour where HUGO’s lawyers will give free legal advice, will take place from 5th to 11th august. Although we won’t make it to the French Alps, we might make it to the Haanja uplands – and you can have a say in that!

Legal counseling tour lasts for a whole week and up until this coming Sunday, people can propose destinations which we will visit. The tour will be organized by HUGO.legal and its purpose is to counsel people near there home places.

Tour de HUGO will finish at Hauka fair on 10th-11th August, but you can have a say in which destinations we’ll visit before. Based on the most proposed destinations, we’ll set the dates and destinations and will announce them well advance.

Everyone has a chance to invite lawyers to their home places!

On 10th-11th August, HUGO’s lawyers will be at Hauka fair, but destinations for dates 5th-9th August are not yet set and that’s where we’re waiting for people’s proposals.

Send us a proposal with the name of your home town or region at email hugo@hugo.legal or call us at +372 6 880 400. You can also leave your suggestion as a comment under our Facebook post.

Four destinations which we’ll visit from 5th to 9th August will be chosen on 29th July and announced on 30th July on our website hugo.legal and on our Facebook page.

Tour de HUGO’s legal counseling will be free and prior registration is not necessary.

PS. To stay updated, also keep an eye on our Tour de HUGO Facebook event.