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Join our 13 week intensive program and learn new business skills, in-depth knowledge about a legal issue and build lawbots with us to make access to justice possible!

We, at, believe that legal technology enthusiasts of today are the next legal industry game changers and innovators! Thus we highly value and welcome driven and passionate people to work with us in pursuing our goal – creating lawbots to make justice possible for everyone! 

Get in touch with us to see when we are hosting our next batch of our program, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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About HUGO’s Lawbot Factory

We are looking for bright-minded individuals with a legal background and who are interested or are familiar with technology and legal process automation. During the incubation program you will be working with other people from all around the world – from Europe and beyond, and each and every single one of you will be taught how to scout for a good lawbot business opportunity, how to build a lawbot, how to establish partnerships, will get the chance to work with legal experts in the respective field and get an in-depth understanding of a concerning legal issue, as well as knowledge on how to launch a lawbot in your country! The skills acquired during this program will not only benefit you during the period you participate, but will also help to understand how a business is built and managed! Sounds interesting enough?

Elvīra Krēķe
Elvīra Krēķe

Program manager

How can a HUGO lawbot benefit lawyers?


The program is designed to be remote and our schedule is flexible as we understand that you have other commitments and duties, e.g. university or work. Our program focuses on achieving certain milestones set in specific deadlines rather than focusing on the pace of the project being done. Good time management skills may come in handy, as it will be only up to you to allocate time for carrying out the necessary tasks!
HUGO is searching for bright-minded individuals with a drive to innovate the legal industry and a clear vision on how HUGO’s lawbots can make an impact. We love concreteness and seeing a clear action plan, therefore we will always give priority to those applicants who can strongly present their vision, reasons behind their idea and who present good communication skills. We appreciate being fluent in English, since most of our inner communication is in English.
During the program, HUGO will provide you with all the non-monetary resources necessary to build a lawbot - we will teach you how to build one, how to market one and other valuable business skills. After the program concludes, when the lawbot is developed, HUGO will offer a revenue-sharing model, so you have the chance to gain revenue from your created lawbot!
The program is a 13 week and 6 module long course which focuses on building a lawbot. The starting time may differ and is very dependent on the specific batch. Please contact HUGO for more information on when the next call for applicants is.
No. You can be a student or you can be a post-graduate who is passionate about making change in the legal industry and making justice possible for everyone. However, we do highly value legal education since we are a LegalTech startup and any other field of finished studies may pose difficulties to operate in the legal industry.

Our values

“Don’t fight for justice, fight against injustice” – Robin


HUGO swims fearlessly upstream and proves that impossible is possible after all – lawbots really can replace lawyers in simple tasks and legal help doesn’t have to be expensive. Be fearless like HUGO!



Bye-bye long waiting time to lawyer’s appointment, bye endless piles of papers, bye slow and complicated legal service! With HUGO you can take care of all the legal matters quickly without leaving home.



HUGO stands behind the work the company does and the contributions its team plays a part in to make access to justice possible for everyone. HUGO saves the world from injustice and does it responsibly.

LegalTech startup founded in Estonia.

Scaling globally. is an award-winning legal-tech startup with the mission to make access to justice possible for everyone and save the World from injustice.

HUGO built the first robot lawyer in ‘Superangel Base Camp Hackathon’ in 2018, in 2019 HUGO won the ‘Nordic LegalTech Startup competition’, ‘LegaTech Chatbot Competition’ in Poland and was also chosen among ‘Top 5 Baltic startups’.

In 2020 HUGO won the ‘TechChill 50 founders battle’ in B2C category and got the 1st Prize in ‘Legaltech Online Startup Challenge powered by Baker McKenzie’.

HUGO’s lawbots are free to use in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

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