LegalTech startup founded in Estonia takes us to the New Age of Justice is an award-winning legalTech startup with the mission to make access to justice possible for everyone and save the World from injustice. HUGO specializes on creating free to use lawbots and making legal services affordable for everyone.

HUGO is creating easy to use lawbots by automising most common legal issues and helping users to take their first legal steps towards the solution for free.

By bringing different legal experts together on one sharing economy based platform, HUGO is lowering the cost for legal services up to three times

HUGO’s modern approach makes legal help fast, convenient, flexible and affordable.

Within one year HUGO became the biggest legal service provider in Estonia, serving 2000 customers monthly. Starting from April 2017, HUGO’s lawyers have helped more than 35 000 people.

HUGO’s free to use lawbots are available in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.


Artur Fjodorov

Artur Fjodorov


Erki Pisuke

Erki Pisuke


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