Visual and communication instructions of HUGO for media releases

If you are a journalist or represent any media publication, please find below useful contact information and brandmaterials with instrcutions of use.

Our name is

Please, when mentioning us, use the name or HUGO. We kindly ask you not to use phrases as Hugo.Legal, Hugo, Hugolegal or other creative combination.

If you are going to post about us in social media, please use our official hashtag #HUGOlegal or mention us as or Polska.

Our Facebook pages are and Our Instagram is @hugolegalai and in LinkedIn, you’ll find us here:

If possible, hyperlink in online texts:


Rain Porss

Communication manager

Age Viks


Our logo

We have both vertical and horizontal version of HUGO’s logo (the latter is mostly for usage in web). The colored logo can be used depending on the background, whether with black or white “” text.



Download logo files

HUGO’s colours

HUGO’s colors are pink and blue.

HEX: #ff5566
RGB: 240, 86, 103
CMYK: 0, 82, 49, 0

HEX: #007aff
RGB: 0, 122, 255
CMYK: 8, 53, 0, 0