August 22, 2019

New age of justice is arriving to Poland and you can be part of it.

The new sharing economy based legal service platform will soon launch in Poland after successfully matching 20K clients and lawyers in Estonia.

The service redesigns the entire legal landscape and fundamentally alters the availability of legal services – in the same way that Uber changed the concept of taxis. When Uber came out, it created one of the biggest marketplaces for drivers and decreased the cost of a drive for customers. is a management system and marketplace for lawyers. It automates the daily non-billable tasks and helps clients to reach to lawyers. 

According to Artur Fjodorov, the CEO of, there are a large number of people around the world who are in need of legal aid, but cannot afford to hire a lawyer. On the other hand, there are a large number of good and active lawyers who simply lack adequate employment; ‘We have created a platform where these two groups meet. We are also working on artificial intelligence. In Estonia, certain questions posed to lawyers can be resolved systematically, without the intervention of a human being. Our team is currently working on making these features available in Poland too. All of this brings quality legal service even closer to clients and makes it much more affordable.’

Lawyers should spend most of their time on legal consultation. A system that handles the non-billable tasks increases a lawyer’s efficiency 30%., the marketplace and management system for lawyers is soon launching in Poland and lawyers can sign up to be notified.

The inevitable loop between lawyers and clients

The main purpose of digital transformation has always been increasing efficiency and product availability and it is adopted by many law firms already. LegalTech is one of the fastest improving IT fields and early adopters are catching the benefits. In 2018, investments in legal tech companies grew by a whopping 713%. The value behind automation of daily work for lawyers was too obvious and investors immediately saw the growth potential. The reason behind is that one of the main problems in the legal industry is actually a loop and it can only be solved with an efficient platform. 

Besides the important value of the lawyer’s knowledge and hard work, the general cost of legal consultation gets higher due to administrative tasks. Lawyers have to spend time on processing files, preparing basic documents or even invoicing. The necessary processes like searching for new cases and clients, marketing works and other similar tasks comes on top of that. After all this workload of a lawyer, legal consultation in general gets more expensive and clients end up searching for the most cost efficient option instead of the good quality. When lawyers can’t convert people into clients, their cost to acquire new clients increase and consultancy prices raise to compensate. This cycle goes on and on… handles the non-billable tasks of lawyers and creates them the space they need to focus on their actual work. Leaving more time on legal consultation, HUGO decreases the general cost of legal consultation for clients while lawyers working with HUGO can increase their income up to 20%. It is the marketplace where clients search for and find lawyers. HUGO provides lawyers with a constant workflow while taking care of administrative tasks such as; marketing, customer service, time tracking, invoicing. Lawyers get promoted in’s different networks and clients can reach out to experts for an affordable budget. 

Who is is the first sharing economy based legal service platform that is developed by the IT professionals and a leader law firm in Estonia. With the AI behind its system it helps lawyers to reach clients and makes legal help available for everyone with a convenient pricing.