June 8, 2019

HUGO went to shopping mall Lõunakeskus in Tartu

But no – not for shopping but to give free legal advice to the people in the mall. HUGO figured on the stage of the main hall and enjoyed the attention of a real superstar. Exactly in the spotlight and by the calling sound of the microphone, HUGO advised everybody who stepped up. HUGO did not forget about the smallest ones and provided them with a perfect little corner where children could craft themselves some really beautiful masks and spend some time on their own while parents were getting legal advice.

This event proved us once again that legal help is something that unfortunately quite often is not received fast enough or is not received at all due to it’s high price. But fortunately there is HUGO.legal that makes sure that legal help is affordable for everybody and provided fast without a long waiting time.

Check out the photos of the event below.