Counselling over email

Counselling over email is suitable choice if you can not find time to talk to lawyer during working day. Lawyer’s email you can read at the time of your convenience, even when kids are asleep or over weekend. Deal with issues in your own rhythm by consulting lawyer over email.

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How counselling over email works?

Step 1

Select budget

Select service price 60 euros/h or 80 euros/h – price depends on time of legal practice of a lawyer. The first 2 hours are free of charge if your monthly income before taxes is less than 1200 euros.

Step 2

Describe the issue

Describe your issue as detailed as possible and upload relative documents for lawyer to review.

Step 3

Get an answer from lawyer

As the last step fill in your details and HUGO will match you up with most suitable lawyer. All what happens now is waiting for lawyer’s letter with the answer.

Frequently asked questions

When it comes to billable hours, then all the work that a lawyer has done in the case, is billed. This includes prior investigation in sent materials, answering extra (legal) questions. Note that if you have sent the lawyer prior some files to be investigated and those files are not sent in a logical bunch or do not have an understandable description, then the work that a lawyer does to put them in a logical order, is also billable.
In case of a paid service, the lawyer will reach you in 3 working days. While using the free counselling service you'll get the answer from the lawyer within 7 working days. If there are some extra questions to be asked to give a legal opinion, the lawyer will first reach you about those question and only after can he/she give a valid answer. The lawyer will always write you under email address. How you go on from there is a matter of arrangement between you.
You can choose a lawyer when booking a paid service. Legal assistance free of charge is meant for first level assistance so a lawyer is matched by our best knowledge. When booking a paid service you can choose a lawyer who you fancy the best. Feel free to find out more about our specialists and their practices here.
In order for consulting over email to be most time and cost efficient, there are few simple rules to follow:
  1. Think trough what you want the lawyer to do. In practise we have seen a lot of cases where a person very stressed about the situation and therefore can not give objective description of what is going on and which actions they wish to take. To take the most out of counselling, take time to note down 1-5 main questions you wish to be aswered and only then describe the situation.
  2. If there are any documents bound with the case, then send them all in one bunch. Add descriptions and headings. By doing so, you will save a lawyer's time, which means less billable hours.
  3. Read the letter thoroughly trough before sending. Be sure all important is asked and noted down. Every extra letter that is sent to a lawyer means extra work for him/her and more billable hours for you.
Yes. All materials should be sent in one letter with descrption what is what and for. Capacious documents should be sent trough clould services (Google Drive etc) because the mailing system might fail. When using cloud services, do not forget to give access rights to the lawyer!
If the lawyer will look into materials before the meeting takes place, then that action will be redound on the invoice, add to conusltation time.

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