Privacy Policy for the Lawyer

HUGO (registry code:12821618) (hereinafter HUGO), address Endla 15, Tallinn, Harju County, is the chief processor of personal data and you can contact us for data protection issues on e-mail

  1. What personal data we process
  • Name, e-mail address, telephone number, place of residence.
  • Area of ​​activity, language skills, competences.
  • Information on education and experience of the lawyer.
  • Information on work done by the lawyer and his working hours.
  • Assessments of the lawyer’s work and the feedback on the customer satisfaction.
  • Concerning settlements with the lawyer.
  1. The purpose for data processing
  • We process personal information in order to mediate the information of the Lawyer to persons in need of legal aid (hereinafter also the Client) with a view to solving the legal issue of the Client.
  • Documents certifying the education and work experience are processed in order to make sure that you are qualified as a lawyer and to allow the parties to receive the best customer-lawyer cooperation, ensuring that the Lawyer’s field of ​​operation, working language and legal competences would allow the lawyer to offer the best possible service.
  • shall transmit to the Lawyer the Customer Feedback for services provided by the Lawyer. Such assessments are needed to provide customers with reliable legal service.
  1. Legal basis
  • Contract – HUGO processes the personal data of the Lawyer with the aim of performing the contract between the Lawyer and HUGO.
  • Consent – HUGO processes the personal data of the Lawyer on the grounds of consent to receive the advertisement and offers sent. Giving consent is voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time by notifying HUGO.
  • Legitimate Interest – HUGO may process the Personal Data of the Lawyer based on a legitimate interest (for instance, to ensure data and information security, for the platform development and fraud prevention) to ensure the security and performance of the Platform and its e-service.
  • Legal Obligation – HUGO processes the Lawyer’s personal data to fulfil legal obligations arising from various legal acts (e.g. obligations under the legislation regulating money laundering and terrorism prevention; Taxation Act);
  • In order to investigate and detect payment-related fraud, personal data of the lawyer may also be processed resulting from a legitimate interest.
  1. Recipients to whom personal data are communicated
  • he personal data of the Lawyer will only be communicated to those Clients whose order is assigned to the Lawyer for execution through the HUGO platform. In such case, the Client will see the name of the Lawyer, e-mail address, telephone number and, if necessary, personal identification code. When answering a free question, the query will be forwarded to the Lawyer selected by HUGO, who will not have a legal relationship with the Client, but the name of the Lawyer may be displayed on the HUGO platform with the response.
  • The personal data of the Lawyer are processed by the employees of OÜ HUGO who provide the customer support services.
  1. Security of personal data and access to data
  • Personal data are stored on servers located on the territory of a Member State of the European Union and personal data are accessible to employees who may review personal data in order to resolve technical or customer support issues related to the use of the service.
  • Within the limits and to the extent permitted by law, queries concerning personal data may be subject to inquiries by a criminal investigation authority or court in the course of proceedings.
  1. Processing of the personal data of the Clients
  • The Mediator of the Legal Service and the Lawyer are co-controllers of the Client personal data as the processing of personal data takes place for the purpose of providing legal aid.
  • HUGO collects from the Client the personal data required for the Lawyer upon registration on the Platform.
  • HUGO shall notify the Customer of the processing of his / her personal data for the purpose of providing legal aid and informs the Client about the Lawyers who have entered into a cooperation agreement with him and the principles of processing their personal data;
  • HUGO and the Lawyer ensure that the personal data of the Clients are not accessible to persons who do not need it, who lack the necessity thereof, using the necessary technical and organizational measures.
  • If a lawyer violates the Client personal data processing requirements, including the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, HUGO has the right to close the Lawyer account and to claim compensation for damage caused by a violation.
  1. Access, storage, deletion, correction and transfer of personal data
  • The personal data of a lawyer can be viewed and corrected on the HUGO platform. The lawyer shall have the right at any time to obtain information on the scope and use of the processing of his / her personal data and to have access to data relating to him / her by submitting a corresponding application to HUGO.
  • The personal data of the lawyer will be stored until the lawyer has an active lawyer account and for 3 more years after the account has been deleted.
  • Accounting records are stored for 7 years.
  • For suspected crime, fraud or representation of false facts, data will be stored for 10 years.
  • In case of disputes, the data will be stored until the claim is settled or until the expiry of the limitation period.
  • If a lawyer wishes to transfer or delete personal data, he / she must submit a corresponding application to the OÜ HUGO. The OÜ HUGO will satisfy the request of the Lawyer within one month, including reviewing details of deletion and transfer of data during the application procedure.
  1. Settlement of disputes
  • Disputes related to the processing of personal data are resolved through customer support at or by contacting Hugo data protection specialist
  • The Supervisory Authority is the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate (