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The Dismissal Robor Lawyer will help you find out what can you do if you have been dismissed at work. Most people are likely to have been dismissed unfairly. This lawbot will then help connect you to a legal practitioner, who can further assist you with the matter at an afordable price.

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When an employer terminates or cancels a contract of employment with an employee, it is known as a dismissal. In other words, against the employee’s will.

If it is for the wrong reason or proceudre or even both, it is unfair.

The date of dismissal is the earlier of:
(a) the date on which the contract of employment terminated; or
(b) the date on which the employee left the service of the employer.

Unfortunately, you will be unable to appeal their decision. However, within six weeks of the ruling being served, such rulings can be overturned through other ways. A party may petition to the Labour Court if they believe there is a flaw in a commissioner’s or arbitrator’s decision. If the party believes the arbitrator acted inappropriately in the case at hand, they have the right to take the arbitrator to the Labour Court.

It can be the CCMA or a relevant industry bargaining council.

During conciliation, you may not be represented by a lawyer. A person that can represent you is a member of a trade union or an office bearer of that trade union. But during arbitration, a legal practitioner can represent you.

Conciliation is a process where a third party (commissioner) assists the disputing parties to bring them to a settlement. The commissioner must determine the process to be followed and it can include mediation, fact-finding, recommendations and advisor.

An arbitration is a hearing where a commissioner gives both parties an opportunity to present their cases regarding the issue in dispute by leading evidence, presenting documents, cross examination of witnesses, and even conducting of inspection of premises, where that is necessary. A commissioner decides on the procedure to be followed being mindful to ensure that the hearing is conducted with the minimum of legal formalities while ensuring that each party is given a fair opportunity to present their case.

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