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Hugo offers 3 types of services. Choose what works best.

Phone counseling

Lawyer, just a phone-call away.

Phone counseling service is meant to solve urgent matters. It is an easy way to reach a lawyer. All you need to do is to send your registration form and the rest is up to the lawyer to do.

Web counseling

A more flexible approach to a legal service.

Web counseling is a good consultation form for those whose schedule is too tight to fit in a classical 9 - 17 meet-in-person pattern. Consulting with a lawyer is made easy, you can do it via e-mail or over a conference call. After choosing a best fitting budget, we will initiate a match and the lawyer will contact you shortly.

Meeting in person

Sit behind the desk with your lawyer.

Meeting in person

Meeting in person is the most classical way to get legal help. When meeting eye-to-eye, you can always be sure that you are on the same level and the chemistry is right. To book a meeting you need to choose a region and a best fitting budget. We will initiate the match and the lawyer will contact you shortly.

How does it work:

Register as a customer and choose your counselling type
Describe your legal problem briefly
Choose your budget and HUGO will send your request to a lawyer.

Customer feedback

“I think it is a very good, quick and efficient way - to solve your problems at home, without leaving behind the table.”

- feedback regarding obligation law questions

“Client friendly and saves time”

- feedback regarding family law questions

“To me and my husband it was a first time meeting with the lawyer. We are very satisfied with the service and have nothing else to say. Thank you a lot. What you do deserves credit.”

- feedback regarding insurance law questions

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