July 28, 2021

Shout-out to the bright-minded law students globally!

Today marks a year from Salto Growth Camp #4 – a 100 hour online growth accelerator for early-stage startups created by unicorn Pipedrive co-founder Ragnar Sass.

During the accelerator which was at the beginning of the epidemic, HUGO’s team developed a labor lawbot to protect employees being mistreated by their employer. Right then and there was decided – what took us a hardcore 100 hours to develop we need to get it done within hours. For a year now we have built and tested, failed, learned, built and tested in different markets how to solve widespread and common legal problems in scale? How can we save the world from injustice? How can we protect people against big corporates, fight against corruption and beat bureaucracy? How can we empower lawyers so they would be able to help more people? How to do it in a way so that the lawyers would earn more but the clients pay less?

I believe we have reached a point where meaningful social impact can be achieved globally. Thus we are looking for tech-savvy bright-minded law students to become the hero the World deserves.

Our past experience building lawbots shows law students hold a unique key and may become a bridge between legal experts and technology. From that experience and with the cooperation of Baltic law students, we have specially designed a new paid internship for law students internationally.

Are you a law student who is full of ideas and looking for a paid internship opportunity where you can become a hero by bringing a change to the legal industry? Join HUGO for a remote 13-week internship program that focuses on building robot lawyers. During our program, you will be able to build your own robot lawyer with the support of HUGO and in-depth legal experts and introduce it in your country!

To apply and for more information visit: https://hugo.legal/en/internship/

About HUGO.legal

Award-winning legal tech startup HUGO.legal is on a mission to make access to justice possible for everyone, combining a sharing economy based marketplace of lawyers who provide legal services up to 3 times more affordable than the average hourly rate on the market and providing lawbots-as-a-service to broaden the access to affordable and free of charge legal services for people in need. HUGO also supports lawyers’ work by providing them with a more efficient client management tool, work automation and a lawbot-assistant to minimize their non-billable hours.

HUGO.legal concluded a contract with the Estonian Ministry of Justice, receiving a grant of up to 3.5 million euros for providing an infrastructure to offer affordable legal services for Estonian residents and is the largest legal service platform in Estonia. 

HUGO.legal was founded in 2019 by serial entrepreneurs Artur Fjodorov, Erki Pisuke, and Age Viks. So far, HUGO has offered free of charge and affordable legal services to more than 50 000 customers which form around 4% of the Estonian population. In 2020, HUGO won the LegalTech Startup Challenge powered by Baker McKenzie and in 2019 the Nordic LegalTech Competition.

Estonian prominent angel investor fund Superangel, also an investor of Estonian unicorns like Bolt and Pipedrive, has invested in HUGO.legal to develop a scalable Lawbot as a Service product. HUGO.legal is gearing up to expand to new markets in the EU and Africa to increase access to justice in those regions.