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Phone counselling is the best solution for urgent matters. Select the time most suitable for you and lawyer will contact you within 1 working day from booking.

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How does phone consulting work?

Step 1

Choose a service

When choosing phone counselling, the minimum amount you will be invoiced is 10 € (administrative cost). Starting from 11-th minute, the price is 1 €/per minute.

Step 2

Choose a time

Choose a suitable timeframe when you would like to be contacted. Lawyer will call you within 1 working day.

Step 3

Pick up the phone

At the time agreed on, be by the phone to answer the call and consult with a lawyer. Quick and easy!

Frequently asked questions

Consulting over phone service costs 1€/ per minute and the minimum cost of the service is 10€. This means that if the call lasts less than 10 minutes, the invoice will be charged 10 euros due to administration cost. If the call lasts more than 10 minutes, then every next minute is 1 €
The lawyer will call you within 1 working day. When making a booking, make sure to add a timeframe when you would like to be called - this saves you time and waiting.
In case you are not by the phone when the lawyer calls, the counselling will still happen, but in another time - the lawyer will then send you an email about trying to reach you and also offer another time for the call, which might be even the same day.
Phone counselling is a primary counselling type and it can always go over to counselling via web/vide or to meeting in person. Purpose of phone counselling service is to give you initial advice and when extra assistance is needed, the lawyer may represent you also in court proceedings.
If you wish to choose the lawyer, you have the possibility to book a paid service and choose a specialist who suits you the best. Here you can read more about our lawyers and their practices. If you don't wish to choose a lawyer yourself, we will make the match by choosing a best lawyer in preferred field who has the best feedback and experience.

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