September 5, 2019

Lawyers can make high quality legal help available to everyone

Why getting high quality legal help is so expensive? This has been the question in many people’s minds when they couldn’t afford legal consultation. Due to economic reasons, most of the time people postpone dealing with their legal issues or try to solve it themselves. But how can we make high quality legal help available for everyone?  

First – Put yourself into the client’s shoes

A lawyer for a client has similar motives with a doctor for a patient. When we are sick and going to visit a doctor, we are tangled up with worries, seeking special attention from an expert and feel like our situation is so unique it might be really hard to solve it.    

Clients often feel like their problem is one of a kind and sensitive. Even though as lawyers we can see that the most legal issues are actually quite standard, we still can’t ignore the fact that clients need emotional support and trustworthy partners who will help solve their legal issues. But since every hour spent means money for the lawyers, it can be really hard to show the special attention our clients need. Besides consultation hours, lawyers have to spend a lot of time on administrative tasks, exhausted from the workload and not being able to focus on the real value which is helping a person who needs legal help. 

A system that handles these daily tasks help lawyers to spend more time on the legal consultation part, and decreases the cost of the legal help. 

Saving time in daily tasks is the key

Besides the important value of the lawyer’s knowledge and hard work, the general cost of legal consultation gets higher due to administrative tasks. Lawyers have to spend time on processing files, preparing basic documents or even invoicing. The necessary processes like searching for new cases and clients, marketing works and other similar tasks comes on top of that. After all this workload of a lawyer, legal consultation in general gets more expensive and clients end up searching for the most cost efficient option instead of the good quality. decreases the cost of high quality legal help by handling the daily tasks of the lawyers. While the non billable tasks handled by the system, lawyers can focus on their actual work which is providing legal help, without getting distracted. 

Besides acting as the management system, also creates a marketplace for the lawyers. Clients can connect with you within a day, by simply asking their legal question online. Unlike in traditional law firms, HUGO lawyers only work as much as they want, on the case types they are professionalized in, in order to provide high quality legal help. The artificial intelligence behind the system matches lawyers with clients, and it provides a mobile working environment with phone or web counselling options besides booking a meeting time online. 

It is the beginning of the digital age in the legal industry and you can be a part of it. already successfully matched 35K clients and lawyers in Estonia.