May 17, 2019

HUGO’s first Latitude59

Due to the fact that is less than a month old, was the official participation of Latitude59 the first for HUGO. None-the-less HUGO handled it like a pro :) All different kind of people were drawn to HUGO – excited users, curious lawyers and potential investors. Sometimes it happens that you need to struggle to figure out the purpose of some startups, then HUGO won people over just by the introduction.

During those 2 days hundreds of people were fascinated about HUGO’s plan to conquest the World (and to be the first law office on Mars) and those few sceptics that we met, left being HUGO’s biggest fans. has come to modernize legal industry and it is hard to find a soul who doesn’t fancy that idea.

A place among the pitching finalists that HUGO managed to get assured everybody that the direction that was set on launch – to outer space and beyond – is the one and only correct course.