March 3, 2020

Eesti Õigusbüroo joins

Eesti Õigusbüroo’s team has been developing another legal service platform called for almost a year now as an independent brand next to Eesti Õigusbüroo, but now it’s time to bring those two brands together under one legal name of

For Eesti Õigusbüroo’s clients we have only one clear message – besides the name and  homepage address nothing else is going to change for you. The lawyers of Eesti Õigusbüroo will continue working in and the cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Justice will continue to provide legal help free of charge and under favourable terms for people residing in Estonia whose monthly gross income is up to 1700€.

Eesti Õigusbüroo has been helping people in need of legal services for almost three years and during that time we have provided  legal help in cooperations with the Justice Ministry of Estonia for more than 25 000 people. The team of Eesti Õigusbüroo has always worked towards making access to justice possible for more and more people and joining the two brands will help us to bring access to justice to even more people.


Why the change of name?

Eesti Õigusbüroo’s name is perfect for helping people here in Estonia but as the lack of access to justice is a big problem globally then we need more global name to reach all the people in need of legal help. platform that was launched last year in April is created exactly for that – to provide access to justice globally. At the moment the services of platform are accessible next to Estonia also in Poland and later this year in Spain. The year 2021 will bring even more countries to the list where operates.