Let's Build the Future
of Legal Aid.

Legal tech startup founded in Estonia. Building a universal robot lawyer HUGO. Scaling globally.

HUGO.legal is the first sharing economy based legal service platform using A.I. to match people who need legal help with the best lawyer for their case.

HUGO is an A.I. who can help with common legal questions and documents. With challenging inquiries, HUGO matches the client with the right talent at the right time and cost in the corresponding jurisdiction - A UBER for legal services, so to call.

Within one year HUGO.legal became the largest legal service platform in Estonia. We are profitable in Estonia, serving 3K+ customers MoM, growing 15% per month and our last year total turnover was €1M.

HUGO’s mission is to be the first law firm on Mars, but before that, we are going to scale globally and therefore we need You in our team.